Adopt a Childhouse

As regard donation for the Child House: All forms of help is welcome. Other than cash, cheques and financial pledges;Drs. Margie A, Ponch Villaroman, Rey and Beth Matias are volunteering their services. Ibe, jeff and I are willing to conduct seminars on various topics for parents and children. We are calling for morevolunteers. Some may want to donate old clothes, blankets, toys, clutter you have in the house as long asservicable, building materials, paint, cleaning materials, canned goods, etc...

For cash in peso or any denomination please deposit to:
USTHS80 Alumni Association, Inc.
Account #- 0381-028361-001
Security Bank
101 Medico Building, San Miguel Ave., Pasig City, Phil.

For donations in kind; you may contact me at 661-0535or 09162838994
Jeff Castro - 09153178000 Ibe Arevalo - 09209138789

should you want to deliver the goods directly to Child House, please simply advice us for purposes of coordination and accounting and proceed to PCSO Compound, E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave, Quezon City. Child House is at the backmost lot of the compound.

Or, you may drop off your donations at 106 E. Rodriguez Jr., Ave, Pasig City - Panciteria San Jacinto or FRDC Building. Just call or text me beforehand so I may notify the guard. Please, for accounting purposes, kindly provide me a list or description of your donation for our files.

This is not so much the story of a sick little girl named Mercy, but more the story of Good Samaritans responding to a call for mercy and charity. We do not know what is to happen to Mercy, although we remain optimistic and at peace she is to serve the purpose by which she was sent to us, and ultimately give glory where glory is due. The poor we will always have with us, and the need will always overwhelm the help and resources available; yet the moral of the story is to share what we have on hand. Nothing much. Nothing more.

Child House was not chosen as beneficiary by whim or accident. Half Dome trek was used that we may marvel at the grandeur of God’s creation, and the value of team-spirit. Our path was led to the sick children of Child House that we may see and know that the same awesome power at work in nature is to be best displayed at work through His creatures. For those who did not look the other way, for those who are praying for Mercy, Joseph, and the Child House – thank you!