Happy, Happy CHILD  In July


This time around we hired professionals to do the party; friendly-neighborhood partymaster, Jollibee, did what they do best - bring out from the Pinoys their natural propensity to enjoy a good laugh, toss all troubling thoughts aside and have a good time! 

They say that cancer does not only cripple the patients but maims the other family members as well.  Oftentimes, specially given very scarce resources, we spare these people few thoughts as concern is focused on the patients.  Yesterday, we saw those, of the patients and the caregivers' tired, sickness-ravaged countenance come to life as they partied in gleeful abandon.

Attending for the first time were Tess Chan-Bibera who came to observe and get to know what the foundation is about so she would be able to direct help into it, and Segundo Matias, who came with two huge boxes-full of glossy paged books for the kids(and parents!) and teenage romance novels.  I quipped - pag dumami ang children sa Childhouse, blame those romance novels.  I can imagine so many afternoons of wistful reveries for those teeners, those books in hand, thoughts out there with a conjured prince charming, for we were like them once.

Certified Child-suki were there too: Noel Mayuga, Mackoy Villaroman, Jeff Castro, Beth Matias, Leo Riingen and myself.  If only for those two joyful hours we were repository of heavenly grace in frail earthen jars.  And because of that, we all left the place satisfied and happy after which we proceeded to partake of a prosaic activity called late lunch, and their gods were their belly  - hindi naman, gutom lang.