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Las Vegas Reunion: My Two-Cents

Letty de Guia-Elgincolin - St. Carina

Here's what I remember of Saturday, July 23rd:

My night started at 5:35PM, 5 minutes late.  I promised the other organizers that I was going to be there at 5:30PM.  As I frantically tried to alphabetize the badges by last names, several of our batch mates came to my rescue.  I was nervous and flustered, although all outside appearances suggested coolness and calmness.  In all honesty, I couldn't remember the letters of the alphabet!  I was 'possessed' by powers unknown that evening.

Next came, Mark, one of the Hotel's banquet managers (a 'white' guy).  I guess he couldn't suppress his curiosity any longer.  He asked what "batch" meant.  There were 2 signs by the door --- one electronic and one prepared by the group stating "USTHS Batch 80 Silver Reunion".  I had to explain to him why that word was there.  According to him, he couldn't believe that we (whoever was there) were in our 40's already.  Dali-dali kong in-explain sa kanya that people graduate from high school in the Philippines anywhere from age 15 to 17.  Here in the US, they graduate high school at 18.

Since I was at the registration table, another hotel employee came and asked if I was Sally Maniego-Sioson.  Sally, like me, was a little late too.  I believe this guy came to me twice or thrice that evening, until finally Sally arrived with husband Alan and daughter Sarah in tow.  Good!  That guy was finally off my back.  :o)

There was a meeting/dinner going on at the function room next to ours.  Eventually, they HAD TO close their door (their fault then!) as each time a batch mate arrived, there were screams to be had and heard!  Screams ala-cheering squad sa gym.

I missed some of the early activities inside the banquet room as I had to be outside to man the registration table, but boy could I hear them! 

Tapos, the music started and then more screaming.  There was a group of tourists/hotel guests in the lobby area near our room.  Believe it or not, one of them couldn't contain his curiosity any longer he had to take a peak and see what was going on.  Kasi, all they could hear was laughter, screams, yells, old school music.  Usually, hindi chismoso ang mga puti, but that night, the Pinoys turned them into one.  (ha-ha)  I can only imagine what he told his group.

Eto pa, during the dancing, we noticed our 2 bartenders dancing as well.  Comments heard from them were it was a great party and the music was great.  Mantakin mo, OPM music yung iba.  Obet, Bende, Helen, TJ and I observed them dancing and smiling.  Iba talagang mag-party ang Pinoy.

Banat ng TJ when Danny S. sang "Kumusta ka?":  "Gee, I haven't heard that song in years!!!!  Oh my God.  I've forgotten that song!".

Sagot ko naman sa kanya:  "How can you hear that song eh one of 2 Pinoys ka lang yata sa Connecticut?!?".  That of course earned me a scowl and "Anak ng Pating!" from TJ.

A source of mild 'commotion' at our table was when the DJ played "Simply Jesse" (sp?).  It took forever for anyone to figure it out. 

I've said time and again that I will do anything I can to help...huwag lang akong pasasayawin or pakakantahin!  Kaso mo, no one was allowed to sit and stare so eventually...somehow I ended up on the dance floor...which earned a comment from Obet:  "Nai-stress akong panoorin ka?!".  I couldn't agree with him more dahil I was so stressed trying NOT to step on anyone's toes.  BTW, I have unexplained bruises on my right foot and right arm.  Does anyone have an explanation for that coz I sure don't!  [Obet, did you somehow managed to kick me out of the dance floor?!?] Pero back to dancing, buti na lang, my sister Helen was there and she can dance and dance she did.  Half noon for me, huh?

TJ said she thought 9:30PM tops, we'll be done with the party.  Boy, was she seriously wrong.  We had to be driven away from the room...literally.  Sulit hanggang sa kahuli-hulihang minuto.  Since it was pretty obvious that no one was ready yet to go home, the hotel staff suggested we can hang out in the AVA Lounge of the hotel.  Tanong ng isa:  "Saan yun?".  Sagot ng Gerald:  "Aba!  Ewan ko!"...get it?  Ava and Aba???  Sorry the momentum of the joke's gone here.  You should have been there dahil at that moment, we all laughed our heads out!

If we had to be literally driven away from our banquet room, we ended up driving away some of the 'loungers' at the AVA Lounge.  Napagitnaan ba naman namin eh.  Di nag-alisan sila eventually!  We had one side of the lounge all to ourselves.  Tuloy ang kwentuhan and kodak moments...hanggang sa naunahan na kaming naglayasan ng mga band members.  :o)

This was the first time my sister Helen, TJ and Luz Recio attend a reunion.  I had to bully them into attending.  They all had was so worth the effort 'nagging' them into submission and attending.

Let's do this again, shall we?  But let's NOT wait for another 25 years.  It's fun.  This batch is so capable of anything and has so much to offer.  I've heard of fundraising plans and I'm all for it.  I would love to help our fellowmen achieve what we managed to accomplished.  UST gave us so much; it's really time for us to give back.

I'm sure there are other things I've forgotten to mention.  I'll write again as I remember them.  It was so good as always seeing everyone there once again.  It was indeed a fun night to remember....until the next time.

Take care, my friends and family.  God bless us all.  Until next time.....