Batchmate Profile: Dr. Reynaldo R. Rey-Matias


Regarding Rey



He has unassumingly and steadily wound his way up the ladder of his dreams and advocacy while eluding our notice.  To discuss him, one must discuss his chosen profession, a passion he has devoted his life into.  A doctor and a true academician, Dr. Reynaldo R. Rey-Matias, President of the APPTOTS (Assoc. of Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist Schools of the Philippines), recently received a Presidential Appointment as the Chairman of the Philippine Board of Examiners in Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy.  The first Thomasian to be so honored. 


More than two decades before such honor, Rey was amongst us as fellow USTHS80 class member, disciplined and distinguished even then and was a consistent member of the afternoon session’s pilot class.  He graduated with honors, was one of the founders of the Tanghalan Santo Tomas - the high school theatre guild, and the Pilipino Editor of the Aquinian.  Born to Engr. Virgilio T. Rey-Matias and Dr. Milagros R. Matias, both of Bulacan, Rey spent his primary years in San Beda before he transferred to the University of Santo Tomas for his secondary education and there remained loyal till he got his M.D.  Early in life, he knew he wanted to be a doctor just like his beloved mother.  After high school, Rey set his heart into entering a relatively new field in the medical-allied field; Physical Therapy, where he hoped to make a dent and leave his legacy.  Many of his PT classmates were his high school peers, all one in acknowledging him as a gentleman of the first order.


In his third year in Physical Therapy, Rey’s friendship with classmate Elisabeth Villanueva took an interesting twist.  Beth belongs to USTHS Class 80 too.  Both took up Physical Therapy after high school, and while Rey continued to Medicine Proper, Beth went to the United States as a licensed physical therapist and there taught for two years.  In 1990, they got married.  Meantime, Beth was left alone in the US studying for the State Board and while waiting for her date with the stork.  Few weeks before she was to give birth, Rey fetched her and brought her back home.  The couple is now blessed with three daughters; Beatrice, 15 years old, Isabel, 12 yrs old and Alyssa, 6 years old.


In between raising a family, Rey took his Residency at the Philippine General Hospital specializing in Rehabilitation Medicine, graduated and passed the board.  Con-currently, aside from his latest Presidential appointment, he is the APPTOTS President, the Chairman of East Avenue Rehabilitation Medicine Department, the Vice Chairman of St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Medicine Department & the Dean of De Los Santos College of Physical Therapy.  He had also served as the Chairman of the Jose Reyes Rehabilitation Medicine Department.  He is actively espousing and working on the upgrade of the Philippine Physical Therapy curriculum.  This will make our PT graduates immediately eligible to take state exams in the US and other first world countries and practice.  He is pursuing, together with fellow Thomasian, Jojo Sayson, the opening of Masters Program in Physical Therapy in the country under the aegis of Ola Grimsby Institute of Physical Therapy in Utah, USA.


His other advocacies, past and present, include empowering the deaf and other differently-abled persons, pain management and rehabilitation of arthritic and stroke patients, post traumatic brain injury, cardiovascular therapy for women, low back pain rehabilitation, and had served as speaker and resource person on the said topics in international and local medical fora.  Interestingly, Rey has written and published the Comparative Analysis of Carpometacarpal Movement during Texting using 2 Different Keypad Measure Between Novice and Expert for the UP College of Kinetics.


As the newly appointed chairman of the board of examiners, Rey, true to form, takes a safe steady course; conscientiously reviewing the questionnaires, screening the procedures, crafting and selecting pertinent and most relevant questions, and setting a personal discipline of storing 10 questions in the test bank daily.   Recent controversy in the 2006 Nursing Licensure Exam had stained and put in serious question the PRC’s capability, as another computation error marred the Safety Engineering Exam, however this bi-annual licensure exams in PT & OT will not suffer the same fate as long as Dr. Rey Rey-Matias is at the helm.   It will not find a better man to ensure the integrity of this sacred office.


Whereas ambition is a quality prized in this world; Rey is simply determined to excel.  Image building; to be thought of as fair and good can be cleverly planned, Rey is fair and good, plain and square.  As a leader, Rey upholds service, encouraging all and bringing out the best from his people.


Self-effacing, Rey who does not mind to go unnoticed and to be counted last, will find himself, acknowledged – first!



From the batchmates


Dr. Reynaldo Rey-Matias – by Jojo Sayson

USTHSbatch 1980 - St. Charles 421


Rey, as he is fondly called has always been a quiet and humble man. From his beginnings in UST High School, one can never miss the genuine smile and friendship this man could offer. He is well known for always willingly offering to host get-togethers at his home from high school to college. This reflects Rey‘s sense of family, unity, and devotion to his friends. He is always wanting to extend a relationship of trust to those around him that is why his subdued but constant glow seem to draw people into his fine circle of friends. His constancy is akin to a torch that never dies. It is not in Rey’s personality to brag for he has a simple but sincere demeanor. Always with a vision to move forward and leave a legacy of goodness.  His thoughtfulness and consideration to others has always been his medal of honor with belief in God as his first priority and love for the Philippines as his beacon. This man is a joyful husband, loving father, an impartial and calculative leader, a visionary, devoted friend, but most of all, a true Thomasian.