Swinging Back to the 70's

The USTHS80 2006 Christmas Party

By: Yna V. Torres

You know it is of God if it exceeds your sweetest imagination.  Did it break attendance records?  No it didn’t.  Would I have wanted that?  Of course I would, that would have been good for pride (It was within easy grasp!).  Were we a master at organization? I believe we were pretty much that.  Did it go as planned?  Not in our confident estimate.

Ambitious one can’t help be.  Thankfully I got a little check when early on while watching those enlisted names pile up, Rene Sario was nicely  challenging me, helping me contact guys (as in hombres) difficult to reach to come and beef up attendance.  I stopped, texted him and said- cease and desist!  I will be president but for a year and I will not cheapen our friendship which I have neglected by the way by making him my hakot brigade (boy, he delivered!).  Mahiya ka naman , baby!

When the bakla curled my hair that morning, I dreaded something could be going wrong.  True enough there were cancellations, former yes becoming –I will try or the sound of silence (70’s talaga!).  But I will not grouse on this, love ko tong mga sumubok at gustong makadalo but circumstances prevented them.  Let me instead enumerate all the right things that happened that night.

Fides, Chie, Leah, Nina, Joel, Teng, Gina, Wendel, Leo, Rey, Noel and I became a team and moved as one. 

Fides, the perfect person for the job (Socials and Events)!  No need to say more. 

Chie, for finding us the best venue ever, providing the best food!  For making us dance and sourcing the cheapest D.I. in town. 

Leah and Nina, for all the leg work na hindi nakikita ng tao and for manning the reception (hindi ko masabing receptionists).  

Gina, for that beautiful prayer, for coming to our rescue, for that grand cake complete with Swing Back to the 70’s logo, and for encouraging the team with your heart-felt compliments.  Teng, for your leadership, for that solo song number and for driving you know who.  Joke lang eto ha. 

Joel, the silent Veep, for the prizes, for keeping us ladies company and hearing all our UTI stories, for being such a fantastic dancer.

Noel, for being game, for being my swing partner and for appearing like you are enjoying it.

Rey, for making it in spite of your schedule, for being a perfect host – ang lalim makisama ng taong eto.

Leo, for that year-ender video – it just keeps getting better!  For helping out Wendell too in the technical department.  

Wendel, you were great!  Thanks for single-handedly being the band; sounds guy & guitarist.

Ever wondered why recipient of awards spend their few minutes of fame as they stand there on the rostrum holding proudly their trophies, rattling off all the names in their directories, thanking everyone?  I would.  Gee, can they not write better speeches?  Now I understand.  The most magnificent language is Thank you!  And I will continue giving thanks to:

Clarence Aytona, manager of the UAAP champion UST Tigers, and Senen Duenas, asst coach – pleasure to know you.  The association gave them recognition that night.  If San Beda (the NCAA champ) claims real men wear red, we say – real men have hearts of gold like these two dedicated Thomasians. 

Rey Rey-Matias was recognized too for his outstanding contribution in the fields of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy in the country.

For my St. Catherine classmates (and St. Carina too)- nabuhay kayo at mabuhay kayo!  Rita, Tess, Yel, Mel are first time visitors.  Uulit daw lahat sila. With your permission, I will make sure you do – I will text-hound you and update you on batch affairs.

For those who have long been absent (like Happy, Reggie,) or those who can seldom come (like Lynne, Jojo M) but came nonetheless.  Marami kayo but I might miss out on some, you know who you are  –thank you, thank you!

Nelson (The Rapist of Nora Aunor) Obach and the ONAC boys who came complete.

WOG- wag na wag kayong magsawa sumuporta sa association.  Hindi ko na kayo iisa-isahin, basta alam ninyo pogi kayo.  At tsaka yung classmate kong ayaw magpabanggit at magpakuha ng litrato for a legit reason, thanks.

No re-cap, no attempt at fair speech, I trust Leo’s photographs will be more expressive.

Early during the day, Fides and I got a text from Gina asking how else she may be of help.  I answered, confident as I was all were taken care of, to pray that everyone who will come will leave the place feeling it was time rightly spent.  Assured of quantity and content, I knew it is quality that will leave a good impression more than numbers.  I did not muster the number but being a good Father, God does not give you a snake when you ask for one, He gives good gifts.  And He gave us one that night.



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