Virtual Global Reunion 2007

by Yna Torres

Another first; what a way to start the second half of 2007! 
This July 1 morn, June 30 eve in the US, the venturesome class of USTHS 80 held what is to be its first  Virtual Global Reunion.  The germ of an idea to connect members from different parts of the globe in a party, through technology, sprouted in our very fertile egroup, was quickly picked up by those who had the capability, thrown back to the group and its members, and exceeding expectations, it is not doubtful a tradition has taken root!  Sure there were hitches and glitches (garbled, muffled audio), but it only added to the amusement, and the snickers and hearty laughter got more hits than the technical difficulties.  We were like ditzy-head high schoolers again.  Judging from the responses of those who were there to witness this first of its kind batch event, this will be a memory to linger, and inspire.  The closest ever to that 25th Grand Jubilee and Las Vegas euphoria we experienced.
(To begin with, the cleavages were something to crow about.  Issa Zara made a splash in her debut appearance with consintidora Con beside her, as they gamely oblige to lend the air a bit of insouciance.  And we can only..sigh.  Attagirl!  Looking around, I saw brightly-lit faces, new members cozying up, old faces reactivated and re-energized, I saw a new start. )
Our members in the US and Canada arranged this East Coast Reunion as early as last year and as the preparation unfolded in our egroup, the local members were drawn to join them by holding a simultaneous reunion and simulcasting the two events that could be tapped in by any member from any part of the map.  It was a simple plan but a brilliant one.  Sweet and brilliant and the result is heartwarming.  To make the event in the Philippine end more meaningful, Dr. Evelyn Songco, the new president of the Office of Alumni Relation of the UST, partied with us, enjoying the event as much as anyone, especially when she was asked by one which section she was in during high school.  This fortuitious event will lead to a closer relationship between our class and the university’s alumni office.
We thank Bernie, Leo and their families for opening their lovely homes to the batch.  We thank every member who had to take leaves from their jobs and travel far, those who re-arranged their Sunday schedule,  those who brought food and contributed by lending their services either to clean up, make calls, plan the menu, do the collection - each one of you added life to this virtual reunion.  It would not have been the same without you.  We thank those who happily tuned in to us through their YM connections, patiently watched us and waited for us to type in our messages for them to read, you turned this event global.  And I thank God for making this first virtual experiment an actual success!      
From our end, I name the participants:
Teng Aguilar, Gina Bautista, Dante Bonoan, Anthony Castillo, Jeff Castro, Fides Cayme, Tess Chan, Chie Candelaria, Happy, Yeng Guanlao, Noel Mayuga, Wendel Mediarito, Leah Militar, Rene Molano, Jobet Morales, Joel Navarro, host- Leo Riingen, Jerry Simon, brothers Ponch and Mackoy Villaroman, and Yna. 
Long-haired Jun Baylon, Robert Dizon and his better-looking son, Ompong Generoso, Sigrid Tactaquin – our cyber partymates

Click here for photos of the Manila leg...