This website is dedicated to all the men and women of Class  1980 of the University of Santo Tomas High School. This site showcases the fun and nostalgia of the best batch USTHS has ever produced.

UST High School Batch 80 Holds Virtual Global Reunion


Another first; a virtual experiment that turned into a roaring success, actually!

The irrepressible Class of USTHS80 once again found new way to globally connect with one another and bring the flavor of home to members overseas, learn of them and their new lives in their new settings.  On June 30, 2007 (July 1, Manila time), forty plus batchmates in New Jersey were joined by another 20+ bodies in Quezon City and  individual connections from Canada, New Zealand, California, Nevada and Bacolod.  This set the stage for a first real time global reunion in USTHS history.

The plan was simple and brilliant.  Technology aids with YM connections, integrating them in organized parties in set locations where members gather and where those scattered all over the continents can easily tap in, relay messages and watch their friends excitedly make signals, communicate, pose, and have fun.  Homesickness and camaraderie cover all glitches and laughter score more hits than technical hitches.

The confluence of goodwill to launch this event is in itself a story.  Proudly, every member who gave of their time, effort, service and enthusiasm walked out of those events knowing they made sweet history without really trying.  Sometimes true success comes from simple enthusiasm and selflessness.

To Class 80 – behold the photos of our first Virtual Global Reunion!!


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