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  • Batch 80 congratulates its own Jojo Sayson and Leo Riingen as recipients of  The Outstanding Thomasian Alumni (TOTAL Awards) for 2006 in Health and Allied Services  and Science and Technology, respectively.  The awards were conferred by the University Rector on the awards night on February 17, 2005, Friday at the UST Central Seminary Gym.Kudos to Jojo and Leo! Article, photos...

Leo Riingen and Yna Valenzuela Torres (receiving the award for Jojo Sayson)

  • Rey Espino is USTHS80 Alumni Association Presidential Awardee

The USTHS Batch 80 Alumni Association President's Award is conferred upon Rey Espino in recognition of his selfless and tireless efforts to reunite the USTHS Batch 80. Through the establishment and continued management of the USTHS80 e-group, he has been instrumental in the realization of its Jubilee vision.

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  • Our very own, National Coach Jobet Morales, leads the Philippine Taekwondo Team, to a gold medal haul at the Southeast Asian Games. Click here for pictures.


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UST High School Batch 80

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Trustees and Officers 2005-06


Teng Aguilar - President

Leo Riingen - Chairman/Vice-President

Gina Bautista-Navarette - Secretary

Leah Militar-Castillo - Treasurer

Chie Meneses-Candelaria - Auditor

Ibe Arevalo - Chair/Special Projects

Rey Espino - Chair/Membership

Happy Esquivias-DosSantos - Chair/Socials

Benjie Mallari-Alvarez - Chair/Ways&Means


Bong Castaneda - Legal Counsel

Jo Manalad - Asst. Secretary

Yna Valenzuela-Torres - Vice-chair/SpProjects

Nina Rigor - Asst. Legal Counsel




Growing up in the sixties and early seventies, you drive downtown and you see painted on the walls the sign, "POST NO BILL." You don't see those signs anymore.  And so with this website, fellow batch members, we invite you to contribute your bills, your thoughts and your photographs. Let this be a chronicle of the best works and of the delicate artistic expressions of our members.  Let this photographed volume tell the stories of all those willing to work side by side seeking to inform and enlighten thru their lens.




Yna Valenzuela-Torres - Editor-in-Chief

Anthony Fallarme - Virtual Veritas

Rey Espino - e-Group Moderator

Chito Rabadam - US Website Administrator

Leo Riingen - Webmaster



Happy 5th Anniversary

to our E-group!


It all started with an idea, that became a thought, that grew into a plan, that led to a call…and now, finally the CONQUEST– the 3 Mountain Goats Gruff of USTHS80 and their Goldilocks conquered the crags and steppes of Half Dome at the Yosemite Valley.

Chito Rabadam, Jojo Sayson, John Talabis and Tweet Vizcarra; together with John's better half Hannah Talabis, after almost a year of preparation, of pumping iron, of deciding which ski-boots to wear, of taking protein milkshakes in between jumping in and out of red briefs, of flying in and out of  Pinas for a covert hospital check-up, finally made it to the 3,000 foot high granite dome.

Yosemite is 200 miles east of San Francisco where 3 state roads (CA 41, CA 40 & CA 120) converge. CA 120 is often closed by snow until July but is now open with its spectacular cascading falls from the melting snow. The hikers brought with them their Gatorade, camelback hydration system, 1000 calorie snackbars, flashlights and other life saving device, including bear bells to forewarned grizzlies of their approach.

Aside from its fun, thrill and adventure, the trek was dedicated to Batch80 in celebration of the e-Group's 5th anniversary.  It also marked the launch of the fund-rasing campaign for CHILDHouse Manila, the batch's beneficiary. 


We shall wait for the blow-by-blow account of  the conquerors.  Meantime, enjoy the spectacular pictures of the USTHS80 Half-Dome climb at our Photo Album and Chito's Yahoo Album.

CONGRATULATIONS to Chito, John & Hannah, Jojo & Tweet!

Click here for photos.


Our E-group and Web Netiquettes INTRODUCED


Our Philosophy: There is no measure to all the knowledge accumulated by man.  The tomes of books and information that are laid out before us, ready to be accessed at the press of a key, pages after pages, are almost wearisome to behold.  These usths80 sites however exist as "watering holes" to all usths80 classmates where we can refresh our tired senses, express our minds, share our needs and calling to other members in a manner pleasing and beneficial to all.  
Our Mission:  The pages herein are committed to demonstrate our talents and versatility as a group, to articulate our aspirations, ideas and interests, to build each other up while edifying truth, to consolidate all our god-given resources and channel them to good use, that we may ignite a level of participation and good-will that could profoundly touch and transform not only our individual lives but the society we move in.
Our Conduct: We shall conduct ourselves in humility, doing nothing out of selfish ambition and vain conceit but in lowliness of spirit consider others better than ourselves, consequently making us patient and more forgiving of each other's shortcomings.  We shall look out not only to our own interests but to the interests of others.
House Rules:  The e-group is a great medium to communicate; to share, solicit, express and interact.  To avoid miscommunication and ensure that the purposes of which are served, the following are to be observed:
General Conduct
1.      Use language comprehensible to most; English, Pilipino & Spanish.
2.      No chain letters, pornography, extreme violence and vulgar language.
3.      Healthy participation is encouraged.  Please post and contribute.
4.      Exercise freedom of _expression; personalities and styles should be given vent.
5.      Exercise personal responsibility in discerning contents of materials.
6.      We shall be more accommodating and tolerant than discriminating.  Even trivia are welcome, and help enliven the exchanges.
7.      No editing, word/writing critiquing please unless solicited.  
8.      If one wishes to express a contrary view, do so in a respectful manner.  Or, one may post one's contrary view with out having to correct and refer to earlier message.  However...
9.      Debates, and friendly spirited arguments are healthy signs of camaraderie and maturity; they should be developed.
10.  If feeling alluded to or slighted/offended by certain remarks or email, please privately email concerned party.
11.   Sensitive issues and very personal topics should be e-mailed privately.
Managing E-mails
1.      Make subject title more descriptive of the message. Be specific. This will save busy readers precious time sorting out messages.  Example: "Informatics Franchisee" is better than "Business Opportunity"
2.      When replying to a message, try to cut or shorten message you are replying to, one need not include the whole message (unless for clarity), more so include the entire trail.
3.      Clean files of viruses before attaching.
4.      Compress files to at most 200kb (or if necessary, less than 1MB) for each downloading.  Do not attach more than 1MB files.
5.      Switch your option to Daily Digest if you find your e-mail program overloaded with usths80yahoogrps mails.  Go to yahoogroups site -> members -> edit membership -> check Daily Digest instead of individual emails.  Try this URL too -             


from espana to cyberspace


How it Started

by Rey Espino, father of USTHS80 E-group

This group started right after a small reunion with HS classmates attended by Leo, Teng, Wendel, Eddieboy, and Tato at Dome Greenbelt1. I was telling them the story that I accidentally joined usths79 yahoogroup and I was impressed on how the earlier batch communicate among their batchmates. Their moderator enrolled me inspite of him not seeing my name in their yearbook. At that time, i did not know that a technology called 'yahoogroup' exists and i thought that you will need
a special software to be able to start this group. Later on, i discovered that yahoo! has made the job easy for anybody who wanted to start a group. This
discovery as well as the short reunion inspired me to create our own.

Setting this up is a very memorable journey. Monthly reunions started not only here but also in America. Almost every week, a new batchmate will enroll. At a
time, we were very idealistic that we can contact ALL our batchmates and we would be able to get all their updated contact numbers and addresses. But later on we realized that this is impossible. But our efforts bear fruits... as we all know, our batch was the most well attended reunion so far!

Now, I'm still part of the usths79yahoogroup. So far i can say that ours is much much better... Happy 5th year anniversary to all of us!

First E-mail:

July 30, 2001 9:55 PM Phil. Time

Welcome everybody!! Our group is growing. We are now growing in number since we registered the yahoo group yesterday. We would like to aknowledge jopet, teng, wendel, and yours truly as the first 4 to
join. I also invited others ... sila ring, ray b., tamey, arlene. Ifyou know the email addresses of other batchmates, lets invite all of them.

You can start sending email to and all
the members of this group can see your message.

Rey Espino

First Response:

July 30, 2001 3:55AM US Time

Hi, Rey! Great idea to keep in touch with highschool friends. I forwarded this to Sally, Alice, Gina, Bubut and Doybie (Pastor). Actually, Pastor, Alice and I will get together this Saturday...finally. We are all in LA, ngayon lang kami magtatagpo.

Arleen Apetrior-Boog


the nalagans in manila

Color Our Sky Clear
by Yna Torres

And we got one, with just the right amount of sun. We should have asked for a rainbow but maybe we needed none. While portions of Manila were being rained out, we have none from our sky.
One could say it was a pretty long drive to take for some honest-to-goodness chitchat. But there are sub-plots to those long drives if one will care enough to pause and appreciate them, besides, the chat was truly honest-to-goodness. Somehow I knew the weather will be clear and surely, sub-plots underway. Few days before the get-together for Gerald and Linda, the rains were coming down in torrent. Few suggested we postpone, one suggested I offer eggs to Santa Clara and pray. I did the latter but not the eggs…natatakot akong malimahan. Imagine, asking for fine weather and I end up with number five!

The rains broke and my mind cleared. I knew why I was doing what I was doing. I knew many wanted to spend time with this couple regardless of their no show. Their absence only gave me more time to ask some personal questions but before that, the palabok muna. Gerald and Linda were brother-sister section in high school. During our grand reunion at the Manila Hotel they won that Mr. and Mrs. Batch 80 award, or a version of it. Rightfully so, almost 3 decades after and we find them still very much in love with each other.

Two days before Saturday, Benjie Mallari-Alvarez brought the Nalagans to PSJ (if you do not know by now where that is, you are not eating good food enough) where they were joined by Margie Agapinan- Alfonso. The two doctoras couldn’t make it to the Tagaytay trip so they had their small reunion that day.
Saturday, Nina, Gigi and I were to meet at PSJ and ride with the Nalagans (who were with their three beautiful children, Lance, Macky and Gab). Malaki daw sasakyan. Malaki nga, pick-up, walang bubong! Eh ang laki pa naman ni ----! Problema, problema, SOS ki Gina. Whew! Meet at Petron Slex and disgorge some baggage, that means, Nina and I. I hardly expect Gina to join our batch affairs, meetings or socials, because of her very busy schedule - especially after she was made general boss of Red Ribbon. But she made way and Friday morn came the text she will join. So there, in her comfy van, Nina and I started updating her on the goings on.

Reaching Tagaytay, the house looked a little different, I have not been visiting it and I realized, why not? Sayang. Others started trickling in and soon after the talks around the oval table started. We snacked on Red Ribbon ensaimadas, yummy mammon and other junk food. We had beers and cheers, San J cold cuts, Greenwich lasagna and fried chicken, dessert galore. Gina brought chocolate tiramisu that was excellent. You take the cake, Gina!

Teng and Rey came with their lovely wives, Cecille and Rose. Harold Kraft was our first time visitor. He gave an excellent report of the group after and promised to come, no, asked be invited more often. Ponch Villaroman and Noel Mayuga were there too to jeer with all our kalokohans. Probing we reveal the immortal love story of our couple. Love at every sight for Gerald, mooning for this girl, waiting for her to pass by, angling for a view, while Linda hides her face or turns the other way. He was a CAT officer, Lt. Col. Gerald Nalagan, she was his lady-sponsor. 3rd year high school, 4th year high school, first year college and finally they were on. Pinahirapan talaga. She was his first love, he, finally, became hers too. From looks of it, they are to be each other’s last. Kung hindi pa nag-Charismatic, hindi pa maka-ka-first base. Bakit sya? I asked. Of course I could see why, but I wanted to hear it from the lovers, always better that way.

And like the familiar refrain of true love – no clear definite answer, just that unexplainable certain knowing that she or he is that special one. Coca Cola body, pahabol ni Gerald. Yakult daw corrected Linda. It was not an easy road they took to get to where they are now. Gerald worked as a Mc Donald’s crew and had a stint with Pizza Hut. Linda had to make determined decisions to get her degree and M.A. Now they are building a vacation (and batch) house in uplands Antipolo while residing in and working for Uncle Sam. Their children are their best showcase; disciplined, achievers, getting their best combination, all their best features.

We will not brag; it was a simple afternoon. We got clear skies and clear minds; we got lovely, lasting smiles. We got good time, fancy, funny lines; it was simple, simple, simple…divine.
Linda and Gerald coming, I am inviting.
Respondez S’il Vous Plait - No regrets!



Fourth of July:

Pasiklab in Manila

by Marina Valenzuela-Torres

Independence Day: World Peace and Inter-Galactic Creatures - the film that propelled Will Smith to stardom. These are not the topics I will ponder on. Rather, on this historic date (especially to our American immigrant batch mates) the batch had, to my mind, one of the best reunions we’ve had. It was very casual, very relaxed, yet the conversation was free-flowing, non-stop and on any topic, from labada to the upcoming board election, from planning when to have the next bigone, possibly in the US, to whodunits. With us that night, basking in “usths80” welcome,” were two very pretty, very affable batch mates: John Talabis and Mot or Marie Rosette Barin.

This is going to be a long one. I have not done a blow-by-blow recap for some time, the last I remember was for the Career Talk. You may follow me in my Alice-in-Wonderland narration of last night for I will let my mind and story meander from reportage to impressions.

To kick off the afternoon, Teng, Leah, Leo & I, chose this date to finally turn over our batch donation for Sagip Leyte to the GMA 7 Kapuso Foundation. Mabuhay! This had been much delayed but we assure you the help, which totaled to a tidy sum, was not tardy. Leah could not join us, so the three of us trooped to GMA’s cramped and overcrowded compound looking so pogi and sige na nga, sexy. Humor lang ha, walang ma-a-antipatikahan. It is common knowledge that Lewis Carol was on high on substance when he penned this children’s classic.

I was deposited at the entrance of the building where I sat myself rather primly in one of the ubiquitous plastic monobloc chairs. Took more than half an hour for the guys to find parking, and only after a little resourcefulness - they left their vehicle in a nearby car-wash. We were made to wait for another half an hour or so but having so much fun gabbing with each other, we hardly minded the wait. An omen of more good things to come, not only for the night but perhaps of future undertakings.

Mr. Nonie del la Fuente, GMA Kapuso Foundation Executive Director, finally arrived, was charming, grateful and sincere, briefed us on the status of their outreach in Southern Luzon, gave us bottled water and huge ensaimadas we didn’t touch, posed for some video and picture taking, and off we marched to our next misadventure. Meantime, a short status report on the foundation’s program for the affected region: The tragedy tugged the heartstrings of many donors that there was an outpouring of assistance to Sitio St. Bernard, the barangay entombed by mud. The foundation then decided to extend help to surrounding villages which were adversely affected too and presently beset by periodic mudslide. Infrastructure is underway, they have thus far built 3 school buildings of 2 to 3 classrooms each, and of the 300 families whose lives were interrupted when they were uprooted and evacuated, 100 are assigned to GMA Kapuso. This is where our donation will be poured

After saying hi and goodbye to Kapuso Foundation Chairperson, Miss Mel Tiangco (sans make-up), who was caught by surprised when we peeped into her improvised dressing room (Ow, hahahaha, thank you, said she. What else could she say?), we fetched John Talabis, he of eyes fair and curly lashes known. Reports were true that he is cute, but that’s not the best of him still. The best of him, is that, he, like us, is usths80. I am fast becoming an apologist of the group. Don’t push it, Marina. Only in this site, only with this audience!

The place had a lot to do with the success of the night. As I thought, the mezzanine level of Dome Podium would make an ideal get-together joint for the batch. Place was private and classy, chairs were comfy, food was good, service was excellent, the waiters trained by Leo to take digital photos of kodakan-hungry batchmates, and, as bonus, food was free. Thank you Domemaster, I mean, Domehusband, I mean, takusa. That was the thread that ran throughout the entire evening. Leo proffered this theory that all, or most, usths80 males are under. Under the weather? Agree naman ang John, ang Nonoy Ruda, Teng mitigated their condition by saying, “mabait lang kami sa asawa.” Then they started enumerating male members who they believe were active members of the league, damay ho pati mga wala pa ruon. Pinakain nga kayo, nilait naman pagkatao nyo!

Another pleasant surprise of the night was Fides having another balikbayan batch mate, Mot, in tow. The youngish-looking Mot is based in Houston the last 20 years. Mot was immediately at home with the group. Galing! Hence conversation was lively and uninterrupted. John was just quiet, his pretty eyes (ayan na naman kami sa mata!) scanning around, panning our faces, taking imprints of what was going on around him. Mot’s were chinky and always smiling. Present that fabulous evening were (in order of appearance): Teng, Leo, John and I, Fides and Mot, Nonoy Ruda, Noel Mayuga, Nina Rigor, Wendell and amiable wife, Chie Meneses, Jeff Castro, Lou Torres, Tato Martinez, and Anthony Castillo. It doesn’t require much to have a grand time.

From 4:30 that afternoon to 12 midnight, I was talking with batch members! And there was no gap, no awkward silence, no boring moment. I think. I think the batch has so evolved we are ready for more challenges ahead. I think we have realized to the full initial goals set out by the founders of this egroup. I think this is extra-ordinary. I think we should pause, take this into account, appreciate it, be thankful and in turn, reach out to more members, not perfunctorily, but with our substance, our commitment. I think I shall want to have more fun. I think we are wonderful creatures.  More Photos >

P.S. – Allow me quote the good book again that reminds us, when words abound, sin is present. Forgive us Father.


Election 2006/07:

Nominate our  USTHS80AAI Directors/Officers

by Teng Aguilar

Coinciding with our coming
 anniversary this July, allow me to also announce to you the opening of the formal nomination period for the next batch (2006-2007) of directors for our USTHS80 Alumni Association Inc.

First, let me run you through the requirements as stated in our association by-laws and actions that your current board agreed on during its regular meeting last June 17:

1) As required by the USTHS80AAI by-laws, the new set of association directors/trustees need to be elected by October 10, 2006, coinciding as well with the required annual general membership meeting. USTHS80AAI will target an earlier date by which to complete both the general membership meeting, and the elections. Our objective is to have the new set of officers elected by the end of August, 2006.

2) The process entails the election of nine (9) directors/trustees to be voted on by the USTHS80AAI members (i.e. USTHS80 alumni). Officers are
then elected by the nine directors/trustess from among themselves.

3) Officers include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and the Treasurer. The other five remain as directors/trustees and form part of the executive body that run the affairs of the association.

4) Nomination period for directors/trustees will start from July 1 and will be open to all bonafide USTHS 80 alumni, until July 31.

5) After the nomination period, voting will be done via the voting function of Yahoo Groups to simplify the process. We will open the voting by August 1, and close it by the end of August 25. Leo Riingen will set up the voting function in Yahoo Groups once the nominations list is finalized in

6) With the above timing, we will satisfy our by-laws' requirement that members are given at least two weeks advanced notification of both the election of directors and the general membership meeting.

7) Proposed date for the General Membership meeting, on the other hand, is October 7, 2006. Venue will be finalized/announced later.

8) The Board resolved to form a "COMELEC" who will define and managethe election process. This will be composed of Zorayda "Dha" Vazquez-Ang as Chairman, with Chie Meneses and Anthony Castillo as members.

We enjoin as many from the batch to be directly involved
in leading and furthering this team towards its purpose and vision. Truly, it entails work, time, and resources spent, but guaranteed it is equally meaningful and rewarding to be in such an important role. It is definitely fun as well given that you work with friends!

Our COMELEC will release details of the mechanics/process and will lead us towards delivering the above actions so please watch out for it.

In the meantime, you can start identifying people whom you think would be very much willing and capable of expanding our association's reach and accomplishments in the coming years.

Looking forward to those nominations!


They whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

USTHS80 participates at 3rd Leo's Badminton Cup  Invitational

Playing on a Palm Sunday (April 9, 2006), the USTHS80 Badminton Team got disoriented.  Thinking it was Easter Sunday, the team laid nothing but eggs.  It was calamitous fun!  This was to be the third year Leo was to celebrate his 40th birthday through a badminton tournament.   The first and second wasn’t represented by any team from our inimitable batch.  As early as February, Leo planned to assemble one from the batch but got too busy asking Dha to form one with hardly a month to prepare. (More pictures, click here>)

Dha was tasked to form a team, and got herself a rag-tag one - as fiery as the Kapitana but to their (opponents’) luck, this is a different court we are talking about.  Some of those who responded to the postings never saw practice.  Jobet, Dha, Nina and Wendell were able to practice with my regular Monday badminton buddies.  Responding to my pangungulit, Jim “igme” Mendiola came and practiced with Guia, Johnny, Anthony Castillo, Ponch, Dha, Nina, Wendell, Jobet and a sick celebrant the Thursday before the tournament.  All is not set but all is ready to draw first blood.

 Sunday came.  Waving this sheet of paper that contained the team bracketing and schedule, we, to the very last minute, didn’t know who will be playing for Division A or B.  Those who came to play were: Dha, Jobet, Igme, Anthony, Nina, Wendell, me and Ike Martinez, who showed up the first time but sent word days prior he will come.  I will not go through the nitty-gritty as it was a day of ignominy but I will dwell on the happy impressions of the day.

 The atmosphere was festive like a fair.  Food and drinks courtesy of Dome were being hauled in, music blaring loud, participants slowly trickling in and cordoning off choice seats with their bags and paraphernalia, while the celebrant was looking dazed and excited.  The players were sporting their team colors.  Ours was light blue.  The ten competing teams represented the celebrant’s many interests.  There was the team from Informatics, Camera Club of the Philippines, Sunday Group, Riingen-Zamora team, All Stars, 4 Acropolis teams and the USTHS80. 

 The affair opened with the introduction of the teams, followed by an invocation led by a lady friend of Leo who looked like an angel (watching her play though proved she was neither an angel nor a badminton player).  Games for the three divisions were played almost simultaneously making it difficult to watch and cheer for each other.  But it was really the cheering that brought us fun and endeared us to each other.  Ike, who was my barkada in 4th year was at courtside and with his wonderful wife heckled and jeered and injected so much yabang in me that I really had so much fun.  I was chewing gum the entire time to muffle the oaths and invectives.

Allow me this moment of glory as Wendell and I, playing for Div C, drew first blood by beating one of the Acropolis teams.  Nina and Wendell copped our second win by beating Leo’s son and his equally young friend.  Another good game followed and from hereon we shall talk about the food, hahaha!  We strung up losses but ate most of the banana for the banana caramel waffle that later I saw the waiter serving banana caramel waffle without banana slices.  Food was wonderful and the homemade gulaman and sago in garapon, yummy!  Nina and I turned our attention to the gulaman and sago, and going scientific, asked which drink would provide us more mileage: gulaman and sago or Gatorade?  I took both.  Next time I will try battery fluid.

 Our beloved Teng came with sweet and charming Cecille with their two young kids in tow.  The boy is a carbon copy of his father, even his brains, Cecille interjected, and whiled away his time boxing with his older sister using plastic cups as boxing gloves.  Gee, they see their mom and dad do that?  I would like to thank Teng for the team uniform.  I was the one who placed the order, chose the text and color, and since I have an affair with words, I doubled his budget with all the letters I had embroidered.  He didn’t say anything, he simply paid.  Dear Leah came and provided moral support.  She plays the sport too and will join the fray in future tourneys.

Having been booted out early, we left the celebrant with his many remaining guests and walked to the neighboring Dampa sa Pasig.  Not that we were hungry but we wanted to plot our (revenge?) next badminton get together.  It was a good feeling.  We were tired, egos were bruised but we were glad we came and played like true kamikazes.  To our brutal deaths!! 

 So, see you next year at the 4th Leo’s cup?  



     Mga Birada sa Jala-Jala

Ang layo! Ang saya! Ang daming pagkain! Ang bait ni Leah! Ang gara ng resthouse! Ang galing-galing ng mga nagsidalo! Sarap ng kwento! Bitin. Kailan kaya mauulit? (More pictures>)

19 from Class 80 came, 38 in all including kids, spouses & Leah's supermom. Some of those who came missed the sunset on Laguna de Bay. Many of us here in Pinas, missed Jala-Jala and perhaps, some of you out there may want to know how the day went.

Weekending is one of the most respected and most popular American institutions; and we of batch 80 saw the merit of that last weekend. To many, travelling more than 57 kilometers on Philippine roads and in this oppressive summer heat is akin to holyweek penitensya, but to us, it became an adventure. In fairness, the road from Teresa to Jala-Jala is paved and well-maintained. We downloaded Leah's detailed instruction and navigated our way quite successfully to her house with “pink roof” as stated in her sketch, which actually is not pink but orangy. Rey Espino built Leah's house with a roof that is not actually pink, but orangy (terra cota).

Unang birada sa Jala-Jala – wow ang gara ng resthouse ni Leah, parang OP sya sa terrain and to which the WOG boys would later on kid her na tataas ang value ng property in the area because of Leah's house. Initially, we ignored the pool and the basketball/volleyball court as it was a scorcher that noon and all of us in succession went staright to the breakfast table. Pangalawang birada, ang daming pagkain, breakfast, lunch n supper. Yung mga biik ni Chie pinalitson ni Fides, and wow! How baboy the pigs! We made sure nakahilata duon sa lamesa at hindi lumilipad like pigs.

Those who came before and during lunch were: Vita with son Igi, 2 nieces and Vicky; Noel Mayuga, Fides, Rey E, Chie, mwah, Leo, Wendel with daughter Pia, Gina, Teng, Nina Rigor with husband, Julius and 2 kids, Jeff, Lou Torres and Benjie with 2 sons. While Leo and ardent photo-wards went out in the baking sun to capture their prize-winning entry, Vita, Chie (both she and Vita would shuffle from taking photos and singing),Fides, Gina, Teng and I lounged at the den and launched a singing barrage. Birada ni Teng, total performer!! Kumpleto ang birit king with Gary V gyrations and DJ/announcer pa – kulang na lang kopyahin yung mga poses ni Josay. We viewed the video presentation Leo did of Munting Handog and Josay's portfolio.

Soon after, Ponch Villaroman arrived with her charming wife, Mel, and daughter. Fresh from meeting up with Wijohn, Beto and other batch mates, he was simply eager to meet more members of our class. Katuwa! This is why we should encourage others to come because it does make us want to see more of the others. He, too, enjoyed the videoke and did a great duet with Vita. Nearing dusk, the alagad ng kadiliman came, representatives of the WOG, Arman Pagiou, Igme Mendiola with wife, Sophie, and Rene Sario. Sorry, gumaganti lang kasi pinagtripan ako ng mga yan sa text, concerned pa naman ako tapos nagtatawanan sila duon sa kabilang linya. Seriously, these guys never let us(Special Projects) down. All for WOG and Wog for all ang drama ng mga yan; they are really maginoo, matulungin at maaasahan kahit medyo..........pogi.

The best birada was the grand time mingling with the family members of our batchmates. Julius has become a regular fixture sa batch gathering, kids of Benjie hindi maawat sa pool, Mommy ni Leah naging surrogate mother, Igi who is with the photo class played volleyball with Lou & Jeff, conversations with Mel and Sophie were relaxed and interesting. So many things augur well for us. Nina and family, Chie (who was joined by her friend Mari and baby Justine) and I were the last to go.

Birada ni Chie- ang Huling Birada sa Jala-Jala – secret!

                                                                         -Yna Torres

P.S. - If I did make a dig in this article, it is not to poke fun at anyone, far from it. Instead, it is to make light of the issue and make us take ourselves less seriously, learn to laugh at our foibles and make us embrace everyone back to the egroup.

More pictures to be posted soon --Ed.



Updated August 11, 2006