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This website is dedicated to all the men and women of Class  1980 of the University of Santo Tomas High School. This site showcases the fun and nostalgia of the best batch USTHS has ever produced.

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UST High School Batch 80

Alumni Association Inc.

Trustess and Officers 2005-06


Teng Aguilar - President

Leo Riingen - Chairman/Vice-President

Gina Bautista-Navarette - Secretary

Leah Militar-Castillo - Treasurer

Chie Meneses-Candelaria - Auditor

Ibe Arevalo - Chair/Special Projects

Rey Espino - Chair/Membership

Happy Esquivias-DosSantos - Chair/Socials

Benjie Mallari-Alvarez - Chair/Ways&Means


Bong Castaneda - Legal Counsel

Jo Manalad - Asst. Secretary

Yna Valenzuela-Torres - Vice-chair/SpProjects

Nina Rigor - Asst. Legal Counsel






Growing up in the sixties and early seventies, you drive downtown and you see painted on the walls the sign, "POST NO BILL." You don't see those signs anymore.  And so with this website, fellow batch members, we invite you to contribute your bills, your thoughts and your photographs. Let this be a chronicle of the best works and of the delicate artistic expressions of our members.  Let this photographed volume tell the stories of all those willing to work side by side seeking to inform and enlighten thru their lens.













Yna Valenzuela-Torres

Anthony Fallarme

Rey Espino

Chito Rabadam




     Mga Birada sa Jala-Jala

Ang layo! Ang saya! Ang daming pagkain! Ang bait ni Leah! Ang gara ng resthouse! Ang galing-galing ng mga nagsidalo! Sarap ng kwento! Bitin. Kailan kaya mauulit?

19 from Class 80 came, 38 in all including kids, spouses & Leah's supermom. Some of those who came missed the sunset on Laguna de Bay. Many of us here in Pinas, missed Jala-Jala and perhaps, some of you out there may want to know how the day went.

Weekending is one of the most respected and most popular American institutions; and we of batch 80 saw the merit of that last weekend. To many, travelling more than 57 kilometers on Philippine roads and in this oppressive summer heat is akin to holyweek penitensya, but to us, it became an adventure. In fairness, the road from Teresa to Jala-Jala is paved and well-maintained. We downloaded Leah's detailed instruction and navigated our way quite successfully to her house with “pink roof” as stated in her sketch, which actually is not pink but orangy. Rey Espino built Leah's house with a roof that is not actually pink, but orangy (terra cota).

Unang birada sa Jala-Jala – wow ang gara ng resthouse ni Leah, parang OP sya sa terrain and to which the WOG boys would later on kid her na tataas ang value ng property in the area because of Leah's house. Initially, we ignored the pool and the basketball/volleyball court as it was a scorcher that noon and all of us in succession went staright to the breakfast table. Pangalawang birada, ang daming pagkain, breakfast, lunch n supper. Yung mga biik ni Chie pinalitson ni Fides, and wow! How baboy the pigs! We made sure nakahilata duon sa lamesa at hindi lumilipad like pigs.

Those who came before and during lunch were: Vita with son Igi, 2 nieces and Vicky; Noel Mayuga, Fides, Rey E, Chie, mwah, Leo, Wendel with daughter Pia, Gina, Teng, Nina Rigor with husband, Julius and 2 kids, Jeff, Lou Torres and Benjie with 2 sons. While Leo and ardent photo-wards went out in the baking sun to capture their prize-winning entry, Vita, Chie (both she and Vita would shuffle from taking photos and singing),Fides, Gina, Teng and I lounged at the den and launched a singing barrage. Birada ni Teng, total performer!! Kumpleto ang birit king with Gary V gyrations and DJ/announcer pa – kulang na lang kopyahin yung mga poses ni Josay. We viewed the video presentation Leo did of Munting Handog and Josay's portfolio.

Soon after, Ponch Villaroman arrived with her charming wife, Mel, and daughter. Fresh from meeting up with Wijohn, Beto and other batch mates, he was simply eager to meet more members of our class. Katuwa! This is why we should encourage others to come because it does make us want to see more of the others. He, too, enjoyed the videoke and did a great duet with Vita. Nearing dusk, the alagad ng kadiliman came, representatives of the WOG, Arman Pagiou, Igme Mendiola with wife, Sophie, and Rene Sario. Sorry, gumaganti lang kasi pinagtripan ako ng mga yan sa text, concerned pa naman ako tapos nagtatawanan sila duon sa kabilang linya. Seriously, these guys never let us(Special Projects) down. All for WOG and Wog for all ang drama ng mga yan; they are really maginoo, matulungin at maaasahan kahit medyo..........pogi.

The best birada was the grand time mingling with the family members of our batchmates. Julius has become a regular fixture sa batch gathering, kids of Benjie hindi maawat sa pool, Mommy ni Leah naging surrogate mother, Igi who is with the photo class played volleyball with Lou & Jeff, conversations with Mel and Sophie were relaxed and interesting. So many things augur well for us. Nina and family, Chie (who was joined by her friend Mari and baby Justine) and I were the last to go.

Birada ni Chie- ang Huling Birada sa Jala-Jala – secret!

                                                                         -Yna Torres

P.S. - If I did make a dig in this article, it is not to poke fun at anyone, far from it. Instead, it is to make light of the issue and make us take ourselves less seriously, learn to laugh at our foibles and make us embrace everyone back to the egroup.

More pictures to be posted soon --Ed.




We Happy Few

by:Yna Valenzuela-Torres 

The men and women of USTHS80 are never so happy as when  you tell them they have a party.


f being young is a state of mind, the question to ask is what we think to hold us in this perpetual blissful state.  And that after more than a year of strengthening bonds, this band of middle-age brother/sisterhood has continued to hold us in sway – even busier, more focused.  I started getting curios(er) when after upon a series, yes, a series of resolve, made in dead earnest or in a fit of pique, to ease off and refrain from further batch activities, I find myself hanging on, more involved than ever.  As with the many complex issues of life, the answer could be best expressed in one word but often it is not the answer we seek but why the answer.

 The busy month of March that brought some of us scurrying from one batch affair to another like headless chicks, pushed these questions to the surface: Why are we doing all this?  Why the E-group?  Why the USTHS80 website?  Why do we keep finding any silly excuse to come together?  The cute answer is – because we happen to enjoy each other and we happen to have a purpose.  Now, as to which cause spawned the other is a matter of collegial debate or conscience.  Both answers perfectly acceptable.

It was November of 2004   when avuncular Teng gathered us and shared with us the simple and lofty dreams of the fledgling class of USTHS80.  Everyone present agreed but the how’s and who will do it remained a puzzle then.  Under his steady and democratic leadership, people blossomed and did their share.  Rey Espino was given the first President’s Awards for effectively shrinking the globe for us members by establishing and maintaining the e-group.  Wendell and Leo (forgive me if I omitted anyone) were part of the founding fathers.  Gina Bautista-Navarrete and Ibe Arevalo, making use of their vast network of friends, scoured their social lists, directories and herded friends, classmates to mini-reunions and gatherings as prelude to the grand one.  This started as early as 2000.  It was Ibe who brought Happy and I to Informatics that fateful afternoon.  It was Happy who with brickbats and accolades megged that mega-show at the Manila Hotel.  Of course Leo was everywhere; taking photos, egging ideas and prodding people…including myself. 

 The grand reunion was replicated by batch mates abroad.  Ron Pasamba and a team of hardworking batch mates almost outdid the Manila performance.  That too is debatable and both answers perfectly acceptable.  Chito Rabadam, to preserve the moment, opened the USTHS80 US.  On that special occasion, who else but Josay would take center stage?

 The E-group has become a part of many members’ lives.  The regular ration of forwarded messages, announcements, greetings, banter & riposte have enlivened our internet time.  The E-group has become an avenue for the exchange of ideas, humuor, inspiration, generosity and kindness.  Information, invites, pleas and appeals have been sounded here and heard making possible the planning and implementation of various projects (Career-Talk, Special Projects Com undertakings, etc..) that led to the fruition of our vision and ideals as one body.

 We, as an association, have found purpose – a good reason for being.  Capturing that spirit so succinctly is the USTHS80 website!  Browse through its pages and you see life teeming; camaraderie and creativity in progress.  Indeed, it has become a showcase, as it has so declared in its inception, of ordinary men and women made extra-ordinary in their pursuit of a common objective.   To be productive members of society, responsive to its needs while fostering harmony within its members and enjoying each other’s individuality.

 We as a group have the miraculous power of turning water to wine.  This is no unashamed propaganda but a sober assessment of one healthy organization (body) with healthy members.  Yes, we are having a long, protracted party and though things have slowly but surely come to good, do keep in mind, all things including good do come to an end.  Let us then take this privilege and greet it with vim and commitment, no diffidence at all.    Give voice to those opinions, varying, contrary or otherwise.  Share!  Let us not scoff at the seeming insignificance of this group compared to our work and other more pressing responsibilities we have in life.   

 Making time for each other, we find time to reach out to more out there.  Making time for people, we make time picking up life’s priceless pleasures.



The Batch's Munting Handog in 2006

by Yna Valenzuela-Torres
We put up an impromptu show;
they presented their lives.
We gave from the excess of our hearts;
they, from their widow’s mite.
The sight that greeted us that afternoon affirmed we were in the right place. Wanting to be of true help, we found this place really needing of one. We come to this place chugging along the excess from the last gift-giving exercise, which was the Munting Hiling; our first try in this kind of undertaking. We hardly have settled down when we found ourselves consulting with each other in hushed tones, each realizing the gravity of the need-this, is genuine stuff. With lumps in our throats we looked around some more and felt both satisfaction and regret. Satisfaction that finally, we found a place that could truly benefit from the collective charity of our batch mates and regret for not having brought more to give. Oh, but in the end, it was more than enough and more than appreciated.
This time, forming the lucky seven were, Lou Torres, Benjie Mallari, Vita Paras, Mackoy Villaroman, Leo Riingen, Jojo Sayson, Mariebeth Arevalo and myself. The excess fund from Munitng Hiling gave Ibe the option to do a sequel to it, and timed it with Jojo’s visit. With the Munting Hiling, the children’s innocence, Leo’s stirring photographs and the sincerity of the batch to help, made the occasion a success. This time no skillful photography is necessary to validate the choice of beneficiary, the actual images were gripping. It knocked off the cynicism from our otherwise tenderhearted ad-man, Mackoy. Lou, Vita, Leo, Ibe and I were moved beyond expected, each vowing to come back. Dra. Benjie, cutting short her afternoon clinic, came, saw and was touched to have drinks and snack bought. Only Jojo, who is not new to cancer-ward visit had an inkling of the emotional tug this kind of visitation brings.
The Childhouse is a place of refuge- a sanctuary- for children with cancer or children of cancer patients. It is largely dependent on Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s annual donation of 1.2million that barely cover utilities and administrative expenses, let alone the medical needs of the patients and their huge transport expense. Poverty, sickness and pain are evident from every quarter and every patient, yet they make do; and endearing were the faces of gladness, gratitude and optimism they carry. There is an unmistakable sense of peace (that we would like to share with you) that resides in the Childhouse.
Let Leo’s photographs relay the story of Munting Handog.  Click for more pictures.

A Call to Help Rescue Leyte

UST Batch80 starts Sagip L80 fund drive.

St. Bernard, Southern Leyte.  Landslide from surrounding mountain slopes triggered by heavy rains buried hundreds of houses, a school, 90% of the village, leaving hundreds dead, thousands missing - almost in a blink of an eye.  This is the place, the tragedy, the casualty.

Let us learn by paradox.  Rising form this valley of despair; let it be a valley of vision.  Let hope rise knowing that though dashed to the ground, we can push and strive for the heights. 

Nothing can prepare us from this misery and trauma of people who have lost everything in an instant, but we can dig deep into our Christian faith:  our bedrock as a class, as a people, as a nation.  We will not grouse and add to the despair.  Instead, we will be as light shining brightest in total darkness.  Let us help rescue Leyte.

We call on all our batchmates, their friends and relatives to donate to the Batch 80 Leyte Fund Drive dubbed Sagip L80.  Donations in cash can be sent via:

 -- bank deposit to USTHS Batch 80 Alumni Associaiton Checking account # 0381-028361-001 Security Bank Branch 101

-- mail check  pay to USTHS Batch 80 Alumni Associaiton (Sagip L80) to Leah Militar-Castillo, our Batch treasurer, #14 Rose St., Lourdes Subdivision, Mambugan, Sumulong highway, Antipolo Rizal 1870

--  money transfer via Western Union to Leah Militar-Castillo.  Please email or text Leah (+63 919 8424270) the confirmation number. 

-- For US and north America residents, you can use Western Union or send/mail check to Jojo Sayson (840 Revere St., Bourbonnais, IL 60914 USA) Tel (1) 815-933-4291 and cell (1)815-953-7787.  Jojo will be in the Philippines in March.


Donations will be coursed thru ABS-CBN Foundation (c/o Ronnie Cabanes) or thru GMA Kapuso Foundation.


Updated March 8, 2006


What's Up


  • Watch the USTHS80 Badminton Team led by Dha Ang to compete at the 3rd Leo Riingen Cup on April 9, 2005, Sunday at the Olympic Badminton Club C5 , Libis QC.  Cheering squad wanted.

  • The USTHS80 Photo Class ended March 25, 2006 with an On-the-Spot Photo Contest at Leah's Jalajala residence.  Photo entries will be posted soon. 

  • Batch 80 congratulates its own Jojo Sayson and Leo Riingen as recipients of  The Outstanding Thomasian Alumni (TOTAL Awards) for 2006 in Health and Allied Services  and Science and Technology, respectively.  The awards were conferred by the University Rector on the awards night on February 17, 2005, Friday at the UST Central Seminary Gym.Kudos to Jojo and Leo! Article, photos...



Leo Riingen and Yna Valenzuela Torres (receiving the award for Jojo Sayson)

  • Rey Espino is USTHS80 Alumni Association Presidential Awardee

The USTHS Batch 80 Alumni Association President's Award is conferred upon Rey Espino in recognition of his selfless and tireless efforts to reunite the USTHS Batch 80. Through the establishment and continued management of the USTHS80 e-group, he has been instrumental in the realization of its Jubilee vision.

  • An Image of a Creative Executive Manila Bulletin, Dec 7, 2005.     Leo Riingen feature. Click here.

  • USTHS80 Girls Valedictorian, Greenwich big boss and our Batch Secretary Gina Bautista-Naverrete was featured at People Asia Magazine November 2005 issue.  Click here for the link.

  • Our very own, National Coach Jobet Morales, leads the Philippine Taekwondo Team, to a gold medal haul at the Southeast Asian Games. Click here for pictures.

  • Watch out for Jojo Sayson's international TV debut at ABS-CBN and TFC's  "Nagmamahal, Kapamilya" hosted by Bernadette Sembrano.  Airing in 2006.  Abangan is Super Jojo!




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