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This website is dedicated to all the men and women of Class  1980 of the University of Santo Tomas High School. This site showcases the fun and nostalgia of the best batch USTHS has ever produced.\

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UST High School Batch 80

Alumni Association Inc.

Trustess and Officers 2005-06


Teng Aguilar - President

Leo Riingen - Chairman/Vice-President

Gina Bautista-Navarette - Secretary

Leah Militar-Castillo - Treasurer

Chie Meneses-Candelaria - Auditor

Ibe Arevalo - Chair/Special Projects

Rey Espino - Chair/Membership

Happy Esquivias-DosSantos - Chair/Socials

Benjie Mallari-Alvarez - Chair/Ways&Means


Bong Castaneda - Legal Counsel

Jo Manalad - Asst. Secretary

Yna Valenzuela-Torres - Vice-chair/SpProjects

Nina Rigor - Asst. Legal Counsel






Growing up in the sixties and early seventies, you drive downtown and you see painted on the walls the sign, "POST NO BILL." You don't see those signs anymore.  And so with this website, fellow batch members, we invite you to contribute your bills, your thoughts and your photographs. Let this be a chronicle of the best works and of the delicate artistic expressions of our members.  Let this photographed volume tell the stories of all those willing to work side by side seeking to inform and enlighten thru their lens.









Yna Valenzuela-Torres

Anthony Fallarme

Rey Espino

Chito Rabadam



Batch 80 to hold Career Talks for UST High Graduating Students


The USTHS80 Alumni Association is invited to spearhead the 2005-06 USTHS career talk slated on November 8, 2005 at the High School Auditorium.  This is part of our USTHS80 alumni association's outreach program. Yna Valenzuela-Torres has been appointed to lead our batch to help organize the event.



Batchmates are invited to share their experience to guide the graduating students, many of whom are still undecided on their career choices. There will be a plenary session in the morning with 5-7 speakers who will share their learnings and success stories.  The afternoon session will be break-out sessions where students will be grouped according to their initial field of interest.  We are soliciting volunteers to speak in the break-out sessions. 


This project is actually the last leg of the Career-Exploration Program initiated by Ms. Leny Gadiana, USTHS Guidance Counselor, in cooperation with Ms. Olive Mapanao, Alumni representative.  The students had been given tests on personality-job suitability, aptitude and learning styles, the results of which are or will be made known to the students by the time the batch conducts the career talk.  The test, "Do What You Are" by Paul D. Tieger and Barbra Barron Tieger, was suggested to Ms. Gadiana who expressed interest in conducting it as they are on the look out for new styles of testing. 


Volunteers may contact Yna by e-mail or through the yahoogroup.




Chito Rabadam's Buddy Program career guidance scheme will also be explored as  a  new initiative to sustain the guidance momentum that will be created by the career talk. The following system was suggested:  

  1. Batch will list academic areas and will solicit and assign volunteers for each area.  Areas of particular concern are Nursing, IT as these are most popular among current crop of students while Pre-Law options, ECE, Accounting, Architecture are UST's forte.  They would like other courses like Education, medicine, HRM, Journalism,and others pushed.  Necessarily, those assigned will have a record of expertise on said field.

  2. These volunteers will come from egroup membership.  Us! You! I!  We can offer online guidance and entertain Q&A from students who wants to buddy-up with volunteers based on their field/s of interests.  Should a student have two or more areas of interests, he/she may be assigned different buddy per area of interest.  Interested students will have to provide their names, email address, and field of interest so we can match them with volunteers.

  3. Once we have their emails and names, we can blast email and introduce the system to them as a USTHS80 AA service.  Guidelines and scope of contents shall be decided and approved by our USTHS80 representatives and USTHS guidance office.  To remove any shadow of impropriety females will be assigned to females and males to males. 

  4. Batch volunteers are to provide inputs and handhold the students to make the decisions by providing real life experiences or reference books or websites that could help students in making their career choices. 




UST High School Batch 80 in US and Canada celebrates Silver Jubilee in Vegas.

A Toast to Remember - The 2005 Las Vegas Reunion

Full Recap by Chito Rabadam

Click Here



Message from USTHS80 Alumni Association


July 23, 2005

Makati City, Philippines

  A Common Bond, A Common Sentiment, A Common Purpose

Message to USTHS80 US 25th Jubilee Homecoming  in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

To our fellow Thomasian kababayans in the United States of America, good evening.

First, let us congratulate you for tonight; the efforts of the organizing team as well as your commitment to high school friendships and camaraderie have finally culminated in this warm and lovely evening affair. We are sure that it is as glitzy and glamorous, and yet fun and relaxing as what we had here last February. As an upbeat song of the late 70’s used to say, you are going to make this into “…a night to remember..”! Or, as Barbra Streisand put it, this is “…the main event..”!

Twenty five years passed by as quickly as the time that rolled by in organizing this Las Vegas reunion. And yet, everything appears as if we left our hallowed high school halls in Espana, Manila only yesterday. Except for a few pounds gained, some grey hair here and there, and a spouse and kids, everything else we see in our old friends from a quarter of a century ago have remained the same. And the bonus, we gain new ones we never even met before in the corridors of our HS building. Cherish every moment as the evening will rush by so quickly.

As we move forward, we continue to commit to and live by the same values and ideals we learned from our dear alma mater. This is all in the spirit of our USTHS80 vision of becoming a positive contributor to the betterment of our society in which we live, in all ways we can. In the US, in the Philippines, and anywhere else in the globe, USTHS80 is united as one.

You, our dear batch mates in the US, are our bridge to the first world, in the great land of opportunities. Despite the distance, we are one with you in spirit as you celebrate this momentous affair. Once again, the essence of tonight’s celebration ties us together to a common bond, a common sentiment, and a common purpose. It is our 25th jubilee year. This is just the beginning as we move forward to the next 25 years.

Mabuhay ang USTHS80-US!

For the USTHS80 Alumni Association Inc.

2005-2006 Board of Trustees and Officers





What's Up


  • Watch out for Jojo Sayson's international TV debut at ABS-CBN and TFC's  "Nagmamahal, Kapamilya" hosted by Bernadette Sembrano.  Airing in October 2005.  Abangan is Super Jojo!
  • We are official (and legal!)

The UST High School Batch 1980 Alumni Association is born.  Our articles of incorporation and by-laws were approved by the Philippine Security and Exchange Commission on May 20, 2005.  Thanks to our bachelor-lawyer Atty. Bong Castaneda and Nina Rigor for making this happen.

  • The USTHS80 25 in 05 Silver Jubilee US/Canada Alumni Homecoming was held on July 23, 2005 at St Croix Room of  The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada at 6:00 pm.  ..articles
  • A videoke-despedida night was hosted  for Angelo, Jojo and Jun Lao.  Ano ba yan, every 3 days ang kasayahan!  Click for photos.
  • A mini-reunion of sort  greeted the balikbayans - Jojo  Sayson and Angelo Sanchez ( the S Boys) at Gina Bautista-Navarette's place in Tagaytay.  Another wonderful gathering --singing, dancing, reminiscing, bonding. More stories. Photo album.

  • Visit the USTHS80 US Reunion Website -  Initiated by Chito Rabadam, our US website needs articles and pictures.  Please contribute. Sali na!
  • Jojo Sayson was featured by Hummer Magazine.   Great article super-jojo, or is it bat-jojo?!  Batman begins! Click here.
  • Early-June birthday celebrants, Yna, Vita, Anthony and Fides, were given a surprise birthday party during the 1st official Board Meeting on June 15, 2005 at Leo's place.  Click here for pictures.
  • The USTHS80 Band is here! The founding  band members are: Tato Martinez - bass & vocals, Jun Villmayor - lead guitar & vocals, Ariel Lorenzo - drums & percussion & vocals, Wendel Mediarito - keyboards and acoustic guitar. They are still inviting additional members for rhythm/2nd lead guitar
    and female vocals. Just contact Tato.


  • We are starting a Features Section in the website.  Please contribute news and magazine clippings of our batchmates.  Send these to the webmaster.



2005 Summer Outing


May 14, 2005.  Tagaytay.  

The summer heat wave did not spare the normally cooler air of Tagaytay.  The day sizzled with fun, laughter, a lot of ribbing and intermittent green jokes.


We were one happy, playing family out there feasting on food and friendship.

Click here for Yna's blow-by-blow account. To see the pictures, click here.


Jun Baylon Despedida


April 9, 2005. Acropolis, Quezon City.  

He cut a figure and his was a big name in high school--Raulito C. Baylon, aka Jun Baylon.  Talented and witty, he is the batch's perennial show host and vocalist.
As his batchmates paid him tribute during his farewell party (as he embarks to his newfound life in New Zealand), it became clear that his big stature is amply matched with a big heart.



Grand Homecoming

February 26, 2005. Manila Hotel, Manila.   

The "Grandmother" of reunions; as hailed by many. Its robust attendance, heart-pounding dance numbers, impressive song numbers and most touching tributes will prove difficult to match in years to come.


Under pressure and with great expectations, USTHS Batch80 delivered a knock-out punch of a performance.


A showcase of unity, creativity and fun!


Silver Trek

February 28, 2005. Espana, Manila. 

After 25 long years, they came back to visit and pace the once familiar schoolground. Retracing steps, re-living fond, carefree memories from youth, they; older and wiser now, some silver streaked, have taken on where they have left off.


Red Box Bash

February 28, 2005.  Greenbelt, Makati. 

The euphoria continues as the "silver trekkers" trooped en masse to a popular videoke joint to belt out their new-found sense of kinship and camaraderie. Melody and unity make perfect harmony!


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