USTHS80 2007-08 Scholarship Grant


This program aims to assist members of Class80 who may be temporarily or permanently  experiencing financial distress so as to hinder capability of providing (or continuing) education to himself/herself or his/her child.  For the initial year, primary consideration would be the most deserving of help in terms of financial capacity provided the scholar can fulfill basic requirements. 

A bare minimum requirement is imposed to ensure proper and wise use of limited funds.  For the succeeding years, should the association want to continue the program and should it remain financially viable, then the scholar shall have precedence over succeeding applicants provided minimum requirements have been fulfilled and financial capability has not improved.  A scholar automatically disqualifies him/herself if he/she fails to accomplish the minimum scholastic requirements. 

Since this program operates under the spirit of fraternity and trust, rather than awarding scholastic excellence, should there be a significant improvement in the financial capability of the scholar, the Screening Committee can exercise its discretion to award the grant to another candidate the following school year. 

GUIDELINES FOR THE USTHS 80 SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (subject to change by the  Board)

1.       He or she should be an alumnus or a son or daughter of an alumnus of USTHS 80.

2.       Grant shall be limited to one per family.

3.       Since annual income or disposable income are not accurate measures of indigence, the Screening Committee will be entrusted to evaluate and determine most deserving candidate based on a loose-structured formula of net disposable income and other variables.  Parameters will be: family income vis--vis family size, a certificate of employment and declared salary, and/or letter from employer and/or letter from barangay captain attesting to residency and profession.  Since this is a delicate issue and it involves helping one of our own, structure will be loose yet substantially efficient and the committee shall be guided by such. 

4.       The applicant should be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to attend school and fulfill its basic requirements.  The applicant will be given a psychological test by a qualified professional (Dr. Margie Agapina-Alfonso).

5.       He/She should have at least a general average of 80% during the previous school year.  Upon application he/she will be required to submit a photo-copy of his/her report card.

6.       He/She should pass the interview and evaluation given by the USTHS 80 scholarship evaluation committee and the Admissions Committee of the school.


1.       Scope of Assistance:

          P40,000 will be the maximum allotment for the 2007-2008 scholarship program. This amount includes:

          Tuition or enrollment fee

          School books (if possible)

          Uniform (if possible)

2.       The scholar should maintain a general average of 80% in order to be eligible to the continuance of the scholarship should the association pursue the program in subsequent years.  The commitment however will be for school year 2007-2008.

3.       The scholar should report every quarter to the USTHS 80 Scholarship Committee to update them of his/her scholastic standing.  He/She should not fail a subject in two consecutive grading periods.  A photocopy of his report card every quarter should be submitted to the committee.