USTHS80 Toward 2007

By: Yna V. Torres


As we stand in the front steps of another year, hands poised at the door handle – I look back to the one about to end; give a cursory survey of the things past, of the battles won and raging, and I see foremost the workings of God in all my affairs, and I take rest and carry this confidence with me as the present head of this association. We can step into the coming year certain that if we ask, He will make his plans known, inspire and enable, bring forth his glory and build up our faith.

If I can only infect everyone with this confidence I will consider my work done. For if there is one thing going for me, it is that I am with, and I am not afraid to work with people better than I am. I recognize and marvel at our different gifting, and I thank God he made variety. As a group we have proven we can make possible whatever reasonable goals we have set before us; we have the capacity and the capability – kaya kung sa kaya, but will these in the end count and matter? I pray that you will share my vision; and if these not be of God, that he will steer us to his cause and course.

Our Outreach Programs:

CHILD & Calamity Drive
Generally guided by the spontaneous outpouring of charity and generosity from members, our attempts have yielded the results wanted. Our class had made a profound impact on the lives of the people we’ve helped, not giving them fish, but hope and a sense of appreciation. No one belittles that! I remember our first tentative steps, and silently marvel at the confidence we now exude. The Board of Trustees, cognizant of the need for proper accounting and management of all this resources and goodwill is drawing up a system to better contain this.

Our Scholarship Program:
We have not started 2007, there are still questions unasked regarding this program and yet we have hit the halfway mark, not counting the pledges. For inquiries, you can email/contact Rey Espino, Angel Castro, Margarita Agapinan, or Ronnie Cabanes in private. I will actively raise funds for this cause but will intentionally distance myself to the goings on as proof we are serious to keep this matter strictly confidential between the Screening Committee and the applicants. The Board has thrown its full trust on Rey Espino and his screening committee members to carry out this program.

The primary, most relevant mandate of this association is to provide a second home to all her members where we can pause from the rigors of everyday, unwind and reconnect with friends, make each other’s real and imaginary burden more bearable through our warm relations. In a way we are like the Childhouse; a halfway home. Neglect this and our castle crumbles, all outreach activities like empty and we will not be able to sustain anything. We have discussed at length on how to cultivate this and in all those times we were led to a singular conclusion – we don’t know. So, we take stock of ourselves and simply hand our five loaves and two fish and there will be plenty left.

Happy New Year to All!!!